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08/09 Alvechurch Lions v Bournville F.C. 3-6 Carter(2),Jake(1) League
15/09 Bromsgrove Blades v Alvechurch Lions 6-4 Carter(3),Louis(1) Open Cup
29/09 Alvechurch Lions v Sheldon Royals Eagles 3-5 David (1) Jack (1)James (1) League
6/10 Alvechurch Lions v Sporting 1-3 Carter (1) League Trophy
13/10 Football Futures North v Alvechurch Lions 5-2 Ben (1) James (1) League
20/10 Knowle Juniors Harriers v Alvechurch Lions 4-6 Carter (3) Reece (1) David (1) Jake (1) League
27/10 Alvechurch Lions v Football Futures North 6-9 Carter (4) David (1 pen) James (1) League
03/11 Alvechurch Lions v Kingshurst Sporting Boys Club 10-7 Carter (5 – 1 pen) David (2) Phil (2) James (1) League
10/11 Santiago Colts v Alvechurch Lions 2-6 Carter (1) James (1) Louis (1) Reece(1) Jack (1) Phil (1) League
17/11 Lyndon Colts v Alvechurch Lions 2-3 Carter (2) Reece (1) League
24/11 Redditch United Juniors v Alvechurch Lions 1-10 James (5), Carter (3) Reece (1) David (1) League
01/12 Alvechurch Lions v Redditch United Juniors 7-0 Carter (3), Jake (2), Jack (1) David (1) League
08/12 Alvechurch Lions v Boldmere Falcons

10-0 Carter (5) Reece (2) Ben (1) Owen (1) James (1) League
12/01/14 Blossomfield v Alvechurch Lions 6-2 Louis (1), James (1) League
23/02/14 Bournville v Alvechurch Lions 3-4 Louis (3) Carter (1) League
02/03/14 Sporting v Alvechurch Lions 2-1 Carter (1) League
09/03/14 Sheldon Royals Eagles v Alvechurch Lions 3-0 League
16/03/14 Alvechurch Lions v Knowle Junior Harriers 2-1 Carter (1) David (1) League
23/03/14 Alvechurch Lions v Sporting 6-1 Reece (2) Carter (2) David (1) James (1) League
30/03/14 Alvechurch Lions v Santaigo Colts 2-4 Carter(1) James(1) League
06/04/14 Alvechurch Lions v Blossomfield 3-3 Carter (2 -1 pen) David (1) League
08/04/14 Alvechurch Lions v Lyndon Colts 5-0 Carter (2) David (1) Jake (1) James (1) League
13/04/14 Boldmere Falcons V Alvechurch Lions 3-8 Carter (3) James (2) David (1) Louis (1) Jack (1) League
27/04/14 Kingshurst Sporting Boys v Alvechurch Lions 7-4 Carter (1) David (1) James (1) Reece (1) League

Player Profiles

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Ethan H Carter Reece Louis
Goalkeeper Striker Striker Striker
James David Ben Jake
Left Wing Central Midfield Right Wing Central Midfield
Jack Jamie E Jamie L Ethan S
Defence Defence Defence Defence
Phil Owen
Defence Defence

Player Statistics

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Name Played Goals Manager MoM Supporters MoM
Carter 24 46 3 5
Jake 24 5 3 4
Ethan H 24 0 4 2
James 24 18 2 4
Jamie L 23 0 1 2
Jamie E 24 0 2 1
Reece 23 9 3 1
Ethan S 18 0 0 3
Ben 19 2 2 1
Louis 22 7 2 2
David 24 13 2 1
Jack 23 4 4 5
Philip 24 3 4 4
Owen 19 1 3 3

League Table

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Team P W D L PTS
1. Football Futures North 22 18 2 2 56
2. Sheldon Royals Eagles 21 14 4 3 46
3. Blossomfield 22 14 3 5 45
4. Sporting 22 13 1 8 40
5. Alvechurch Lions 22 12 1 9 37
6. Santiago Colts 21 11 4 6 37
7. Bournville 22 10 3 9 33
8. Kingshurst Sporting Boys 21 8 2 11 26
9. Knowle Jnr Harriers 22 8 2 12 26
10. Boldmere Falcons 21 7 1 13 22
11. Lyndon Colts 22 3 0 19 9
12. Redditch United Juniors 22 0 1 21 1

Match Reports

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Lions 3 – 6 Bournville F.C. (08/09/13)

Alvechurch Lions United v Bournville F.C. – 8th September 2013 K/O 11:00am

Alvechurch started by playing some good football.

1-0 Carter scored assisted by James.

1-1 Long range shot by the opposition.

1-2 A scramble in the net.

2-2 Corner cross Carter scores.

H/T 2-2

3-2 Jake scores assisted by James.

3-3 Evened by opposition.

3-4 Another good long range shot by opposition.

3-5 Opposition ran through defence to score.

3-6 Long pass and cross by opposition for final score.

Managers MOM : Ben

Parents MOM : Carter

Bromsgrove Blades 6 – 4 Lions (15/09/13)

BB played an attacking game from the start Ethan H made an early save. BB scored at 11:04 as there number 8 stumbled the ball into the goal. Carter ran towards the goal and the opposition fouled him in the penalty area the referee gave AL a penalty. Carter stepped up and scored a well-deserved goal at 11:07.

BB number 8 shot a great ball but went wide this was followed by a fabulous cross by Jake and Reece had a shot on goal. Jack took 2 corners but AL couldn’t finish them into the goal. Jamie L throw in and was followed by some good passing.

At 11:17 BB number 7 managed to find the goal and made the score 2-1.

BB again had many shots on goal. AL played some good football looking for each other and passing, James had 2 tries on goal but there defence was too good.

Great defence by Jack who saved a cross from BB from going into goal.

Unfortunately BB number 7 at 11:32 made the score 3-1 and again at 11:35 making the score 4-1.

Ben had a great shot on goal assisted by James.

Half time score 4-1.

Minutes into the second half BB made the score 5-1.

Ethan H the goalie having a recurring knee injury had to be substituted and Jack stepped up to take over the goal keeping role. Straight away Jack made some excellent saves.

Lots of attacking play by BB to make the score line 6-1 at 11:57. James set up a cross over to Carter who had a shot on goal. Ethan S also had a great try but was saved by BB goalie.

James takes a corner but the ball goes into side netting. David played some brilliant football but had to go off due to an injury. Defending in the second half was excellent by Owen and Phil. A great attempt on goal for James assisted by Ben.

A cross from Carter picked up by James and passed to Louis who scored a great goal making it 6-2. The last 10 minutes into the game and AL played like a team wanting to win and Carter scored 6-3 which spurred the AL on. Jack adapted well to the goal keeping position and made some great saves. James scored but had the goal disallowed by the referee. Reece gave a fabulous cross and Carter scored 6-4 over the goalies head making the final score 6-4.

Managers MOM : Reece

Parents MOM : Jack

Lions 3 – 5 Sheldon Royals Eagles (29/09/13)

Kick off at 12pm with a great opening cross by Jack.  A throw in by Reece picked up by Ben, Jack ran in and scored making is 1-0 to the Lions.  David made some excellent passes over the centre box and Phil had a shot on goal.  A corner by Jack over to James but the keeper made a great save on the line.  Eagles made a great run up the field but Owen saved the day in the goal mouth with good defending.  Lots of fast furious football but a good cross by Eagles number 14 made the score line 1-1.  Plenty of attacking play by both sides and some excellent saves by Ethan but No 14 once again ran through Lions defence and made it 2-1 to the Eagles, without Lions being able to recover Eagles No 8 made it 3-1. Another fab corner by Jack on target but offside was called.  Half time score Lions 1-3 Eagles.

Slower pace of football to start the second half but Eagles managed another goal by No 9 1-4.  Great battling football by Jack and David managed to pick the ball and run towards the goal making the score line Lions 2-4 Eagles.  Eagles strong player No 14 made it 2-5 a nippy little run and attacking football by James on the wing he scores making the final score Lions 3 – 5 Eagles.

Managers MOM : Ethan S

Parents MOM : Ethan H

Football Futures (13/10/13)

Kick off at 12.30pm at Burford Road playing fields on a wet and cold day.  Both sides came out with some good attacking football.  Straight away James had a shot on goal.  Jamie L played a strong goal kick which Carter picked up and belted the ball but went wide but a great try.  FF’s No 10 did a great overhead goal making it 1-0, the teams were evenly matched but FF managed another two goals almost consecutively making it 3-0.  David played some brilliant football and James once again had a shot on goal but their defence was too good.  Another goal by FF to make the half time score FF 4 – 0 Lions.

Soon into the second half and again after some evenly played football Carter was bought down in the penalty area.  A cracking penalty was taken by Ben who stepped up to score his first goal for the Lions 4-1.  The ball just didn’t seem to want to find the goal mouth for the Lions as Carter, James and Ben all had attempts to score.  A fast run on by James down the wing Carter crossed and James scored making the score FF 4-2 Lions.  Plenty of entertaining football by all the team who made a good game to watch on such a dreadful day.  FF took a late opportunity and score 5-2 at full time only after Jamie L had a super shot on goal which the keeper tapped over the bar.Well done Lads.

Managers MOM : Carter

Parents MOM : James

Knowle 4 - 6 Lions (20/10/13)

Kick off at 10.30am a cracking game to watch full of great football and entertainment.  Right from kick off good attacking football from Carter who had a shot on goal.  Knowle kept getting possession of the ball but fab defence by Jack and battling on the wing by Ben Knowle had a early corner but a great save by Ethan kept the goal out.  James had numerous shots on goal but just couldn’t find the net.  Reece did some brilliant throw ins one across to Jack but it went over the crossbar.  A lucky surge from Knowle making the score 1-0.  Almost straight away after some excellent passing Carter made it 1-1.  Again another shot on goal for James but it went wide.  Next a corner by Jack straight across the goal to Jake who managed to make the score 1-2.  Some fantastic battling and tackling by Ethan S but Knowle managed to sneak in another goal.  Jamie E takes the next throw in and the team gel and play some great football.  Scoreline at half time is Knowle 2-2 Lions.

The second half sees James still trying to find the net but either the goalie saves them or they go wide.  Knowle retaliate and it becomes 3-2.  Immediately Lions gain another corner taken by Jack the ball goes out and a superb thrown in by Jamie Lucas over to Carter who slams the ball into the back of the net 3-3.  A well matched game and Louis battled well against the Knowle defence, Ben played consistently on the wing.  Louis made a run up the field and passed to David who scored 3-4.  Another shot on goal by James but a goal just doesn’t come his way.  James crossed over to Carter goalie saved but Alvechurch front line managed to keep possession of the ball and a cross from James to Louis across to Carter for his hat-trick to make the score 3-5.  Moments later Knowle sneak in a goal 4-5.  Jamie E and Phil defended well against Knowle as they were desperate to find the back of the net.  Reece shot down the wing ran towards the goal and scored a blinding goal making a win for the Lions.  Knowle 4 – 6 Lions.  A well deserved win.Lads keep it up.

Managers MOM: Jack

Parents MOM : The whole Team

Lions – 6 – 9 Football Futures (29/10/13)

On a wet and soggy day the Lions performed well.  Football Futures were on the attack as soon as the game started but Ethan made some tremendous saves.  Throw in from Jamie E and Lions took the lead by Carter only 5 minutes into the game.  Straight away FF came back and scored 1-1.  A nippy run down the line from James to get into position and a cross from Carter and James made the score line 2-1.  Well matched play from both sides and FF went 2-2 and 2-3 into the lead within minutes.  All these goals were scored inside the first 11 minutes of the game.  Good exciting football to watch.  Ethan made some tremendous saves when FF were on the attack and Owen cleared one particular challenge off the line.  2-4 and 2-5 but Carter once again managed a speedy run all the way down the pitch making the scoreline 3-5.  Carter seems to be striving for hat-tricks during these games and this week he did it 4-5.  FF played lots of attacking football and our defence made to stave off some of the shots on goal but 2 consecutive goals made the score line 4-7 to FF at half time.  Thanks to Rhonda for providing warm drinks before the game and at half time to keep parents going.

Heavy rain in the second half hindered the play and Carter was bought down in the penalty area, no penalty given by the referee.  The played carried on with the boys and spectators getting wetter and wetter but still a great game to watch.  David this time was fouled and was given a penalty.  He stepped up and ‘Goal’ 5-7.  Almost as soon as the ball was back in play Carter shot and we were catching FF up 6-7.  FF not to be outdone ran though the defence 6-8.  The team made a good effort and lots of shots on goal and fantastic saves by Ethan.  James was given a kick but couldn’t find the goal in this instance.  Full time looming and FF made the closing score 6-9.  We as supporters are watching some fantastic entertaining games at the moment lads, thanks so much.  Well done.

Managers MOM: Jake

Parents MOM: Carter

Santiago Colts 2 v 6 Lions 10/11/13 

Lions came out with an attacking attitude.  Great battling by Ethan S who passed to James and he had a shot across the goal.  Santiago came back with an attack on goal but Ethan H made a fabulous save.  A fast run down the wing by Carter and he almost strolled it into the goal after a clash with the goalie 1-0 to Lions.  A long throw in by Jamie L which created some great football by the Lions.  A goal kick by Jack picked up by Jake who booted the ball and Phil caught in on his head who dropped it at David’s boot a pass to Carter and across to James but the goalie got a hand to it and deflected it over the goal.  Lions defended their goal well with Nathan S, Louis and Ben battling well against an attacking Santiago.  Jamie E throw in which in turn created a corner taken by James who crossed it to Phil who had a shot on goal but the goalie tapped it out.  A free kick to Santiago but Ethan H punched it out keeping the scored line at 0-1 at Half time

Louis and Ben produced some entertaining football to open the second half.  Jack was awarded a free kick shooting straight over Santiago’s wall and goal brilliant Jack well done 0-2.  Ben had many shots on goal but the ball just wouldn’t go in for him.  Louis crossed to Carter who passed to James Louis rounded round the goal and scored 0-3 to the Lions.  Santiago attacked back making the score 1-3.  Once again Ben battled against the Santiago defence but a goal evaded him.  Phil appeared in midfield tried a shot and goal 1-4 fab goal Phil.  Ben still battling down the wing crossed to James who finished and scores 1-5.  At this point Santiago defence seemed to have given up so Reece belted in a goal 1-6.  James has a goal disallowed for being offside and Ben and Jack have shots saved by the Santiago goalie.  A last surge by Santiago to make the final full time score 2-6 to the Lions.

Managers MOM: Jack

Supporters MOM: Phil and Ethan S     

Redditch Utd 1 – 10 Lions 24/11/13

Once again Lions came out showing a attacking attitude.  James had a shot on goal as soon as kick off  Plenty of other shots on Redditch goal by Carter and Owen but the ball went wide and over the crossbar.  James rounded the goal but the defender kicked the ball off the goal line.  A fast run down the line by Ben across to Phil and a strong kick by Ethan S to Jack but unfortunately Ben was flagged off side.  The hard work paid off with three goals one after the other a cross from James to Carter 0-1 and Ben across to Reece 0-2 then Carter across to James 0-3.  Plenty of entertaining football by the Lions a free kick and a corner taken by Jack crossed over to Ben who shoots over the crossbar.  A long strong  throw in by Jamie L but the referee blew the whistle for half time before Lions could attack again.  0-3 HT to Lions.

Almost on the first touch Carter scored making it 0-4 to Lions.  A fantastic game to watch lads and Redditch continued to battle against Lions who seemed on fire in the second half.  Goals from James 1-5, 1-6 David, 1-7  James’s hat-trick then 1-8, 1-9 by James.  Last but not least Carter scored 1-10.  Even though the score line is high Redditch Utd played a great battling game against well done to both teams for such entertaining football.  Thanks to Redditch Utd for the sausage and chips they provided after the game.

Lions 7 – 0 Redditch Utd 1/12/13

A return game with Redditch coming to our home ground.  Redditch played some good football and the two teams were well matched.  Good defending by Jamie E and Jack to keep a Redditch goal out.  A corner taken by James crossed but the goalie saved.  Another clear off the line by Jamie E wen Redditch attacked.  A free kick against Lions in the wall David, Jack and Jamie L but Ethan H managed to save the ball.  A strong goal kick by Ethan up to Phil and across to James who had a shot on goal which went over the crossbar.  David was fouled and Jack took our free kick who found David and a brilliant goal making it 2-0.  Great team play between all the lads.  Fantastic big kick from Owen who put a spin on the ball across toe Carter but the goalie save it.  Lots of attacking football from Redditch pressuring our defence.  Carter at last found the goal 3-0 which made this the score at half time.

Lions had lots of attacks on the goal by Jack, Reece, Jake and James but it was Carter again to make it 4-0 with a cross from Reece.  Ethan H was injury with a clash with a Redditch player so Jack stepped up and took over the goalie roll.  Carter in response scored again 5-0 hat-trick.  Lions awarded a free kick which James took but again went over the crossbar.  Jake made a swivel on the ball and scored twice in 5 minutes great goals Jake well done.  Another high score line but Redditch Utd battled on and always with their heads held high thanks again lads for a entertaining game.  Thanks to Rhonda for providing delicious luxurious hot chocolate for the opposition after the game.

   12/01/2014 Bossomfield 6 – 2 Alvechurch Lions
   A good start by Alvechurch coming out with an enthusiastic attitude. Throw in by Jack over to James who just tapped it into the goal 0-1 to Alvechurch. Almost immediately Carter crossed to Reece who had a shot on goal and hit the crossbar. Blossomfield came back with some attacking football and Ethan H made some terrific saves. Goal kick from Ethan to Jamie E who flicked it to Carter. Some great battling by Jamie E when Blossomfield were on the attack. Another good touch by James across to Carter but no goal. Alvechurch playing some lovely football considering the long break due to the inclement weather.

A throw in by Jack rebounded by Jake across to David but Blossomfield’s goalie made a good save. Goal kick by Jack to David, headed by Jake Blossomfield forged forward but some great defending by Owen kept a goal out. Reece took a corner which went over to James but he just can’t get it in the goal. Some fab passing between Ben and Owen, Blossomfield hit the post. Jamie L throw in to Ben who passed it back to Jamie, lots of brilliant defending by Owen and Ethan S who battled to keep Blossomfield from scoring.

Great run down the down the line by Carter but Blossomfield snatched the ball and literally walked it into Alvechurch’s goal 1-1 at half time.

Straight away at kick off of the second half Blossomfield scored again 2-1. Some fantastic play by James and Jake and Louis managed to even the score line 2-2. Blossomfield retaliated almost straight away making it 3-2. Ben made a cross but the Blossomfield goalie saved. James had a shot on goal but luck wasn’t going his way. A final attack by Blossomfield who scored 2 consecutive goals making the final score 6-2 to Blossomfield.

30/03/2014 Santiago Colts 4 - 2 Alvechurch Lions   

A great team effort to start the game off with some fab play from Jamie E.  Both Carter and Reece and James made attacks on Santiago’s goal but the goal made some brilliant saves tapping James’s effort just over the bar.  A lovely corner by Jack crossed over to Ben who had a shot on goal but again when over the crossbar.  A corner to Santiago but a fab headed away from Owen, almost straight away on rebound Santiago score a luck goal 1-0.  Lots of battling on the side by James, Louis managed a back kick but Santiago’s goalie dived and saved it going in.  Santiago attacked back but Ethan H made a great save and punched the ball over the crossbar.  A cross by Carter over to James but the ball doesn’t want to go in today for Alvechurch.  Santiago hit the side netting and ball back in play Santiago get their second goal to make it 2-0 at half time.  3-0 to Santiago in second half and then James manages a 20 yarder 3-1.  Great football from Alvechurch not deserving to be down 2 goals.  Great header from Owen whereby Carter gets a shot on goal, Alvechurch awarded a free kick taken by Jack, shot by Carter but it falls wide.  A high ball drops down to James on the wing he takes a shot but goalie saves.  Corner by Jack over to Jake who battles well.  Another free kick taken by Jack who with a massive kick hits the crossbar.  Alvechurch have so many attacks and shot on goal but the ball just wont go in.  Santigao awarded a penalty which Ethan H saved but Santiago managed to score with a rebound ball 4-1.  Carter, James, David and Jack all push forward to try and find the goal but the goalie saves all.  Ben comes down the line and crosses to Carter 4-2 which is the full time score.  Lovely football lads the score doesn’t do you justice.

Parents MOM – Phil

Managers MOM – Reece

13/04/2014 Boldmere Falcons 3 – 8 Alvechurch Lions

Within minutes of kick off David has a shot on goal and it goes over the crossbar.  Carter crossed the ball to Louis making it 0-1 to Alvechurch.  Corner by Boldmere and Ethan H made a terrific save punching it off the goal line.  Some great blocking in the defence by Owen as Boldmere made some attacking football forward.  Ethan saved all their efforts.  Carter ran down the middle of the pitch and scored 0-2.  Great defending by Jack who fought off Boldmere’s attempts on goal.  0-3 James manages to nip it in from a cross from Carter.  Almost immediately Boldmere score 1-3.  On retaliation James slams it straight in 1-4.  Boldmere’s number 7 is everywhere and dodges our defence to score 2-4.  3-4 within minutes.  In what seems a rapid fire in boths goal mouths David manages to score and taps another one in 3-5,  Carter runs down the side of the field and makes the score at half time 3-6.  In the second half James takes a corner which is hit away by Boldmere’s defenders.  Great team work by Alvechurch and Phil does a great job of protecting the goal.  Carter is brought down and Jack takes a free kick which goes screaming into the goal no messing 3-7.  Another free kick to Alvechurch but Jack hits the crossbar this time but a great try.  A cross on the side from Ben over to Carter 3-8.  On a final attempt on goal James crosses but the goalie saved making the final score 3-8.  Some really entertaining football today lads it is a pleasure to watch you all.  Great team effort you all shine.

Parents MOM – James

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